Black Executive Leadership Initiative

Mentoring Black talent to the executive level.

Beli is a community of proudly successful Black professionals who've paved our way and are eager to help pave yours.

Drawing from our past, we'll support you in a better future - instead of being consumed by the challenges of racial inequality and anti-Black racism.

We want to trade our experience with yours to help your career advance, so companies can benefit from different backgrounds and everyone can flourish.

We are Beli mentors, and we're here to provide you with guidance, support, networks, and a legacy to pass on from one generation to the next. Because success isn't just personal. It's a collective project.


You are a young professional seeking guidance to help you focus on your talent and achieve career goals despite bias and systemic racism.

You are a company who wishes to be guided through alternative processes in order to help Black talents access positions at an executive level.

You are an experienced executive wanting to share your time and experience so that future generations can thrive in more fulfilling careers.

Together, we are a wealth of knowledge, determination and experience, celebrating the solidarity, and strength that comes from mentorship.

When one of us shines, we all shine.

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